Uncanny Heroes of the 70s

So I grew up reading a lot of X-men comics, on top of my classic lit, children’s poetry, and British fantasy novels.  It is only a small exaggeration to say that these characters were like family to me.  Uncle Wolverine let me unleash my own wild side, uncle Nightcrawler taught me my first words in German, and Kitty Pryde could have been me!  Or at least a long-lost big sister.  So it was kinda weird when that movie came out in 2000 I had friends who thought Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine was hot and it kind of made my head explode.

Anyway, an awesome client commissioned the classic x-men team a couple years ago and I finally had time to add another to the series—my favorites of the cast added in the 70s!  International, diverse, and full of their own plot-making flaws, these characters kinda saved the title from oblivion back in the day.  And I guess Wolvie is basically an industry in himself these days.

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