The Last Keyhole

My indie picture book is out, and up on my etsy page (which you can visit if you click the image, I explain because advanced tumblr techniques such as links are new and exciting for me.)  It is a Gothic little ghost story for children who like such things—I was certainly one of those.  A lonely boy has trouble with a greedy crow, but it leads to a mysterious key and new friends.  

I actually wrote and illustrated a version of this a few years ago, but this is a completely revised story with brand-new illustrations, a full 32 pages.  When you’re indie, you can do crazy things like re-writing a book two years later, which of course I’d never try to pull on a big publisher (it would probably give some poor administrator apoplexy.)  But seriously, it is both the problem and perk of doing it yourself.  That is why I love doing personal projects and work for clients—the opportunity to learn from others and work together is great, but I don’t mind having some room to make mistakes and then fix them without inconveniencing anyone ^.~


The Gorgonist

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